Холецистит острый: причины, симптомы, лечение

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смещение позвоночника из за обвития пуповиной

The basic indications for application Алмагеля Нео: 1) a stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut; 2) a sharp gastritis, a chronic gastritis with raised{increased} and normal секреторной function of a stomach; 3) гастроэзофагеальная рефлюксная illness (ГЭРБ) in эндоскопически "negative" and in "positive" stages; 4) not ulcer (functional) диспепсия at язвенноподобном and рефлюксноподобном variants; according to some information, and a syndrome of the angry intestines at treatment of patients at which the painful syndrome and метеоризм prevails; 5) not steroid гастропатия, including at presence of эрозивно-ulcer defeats of a gastroenteric path; 6) elimination of the symptoms usually united in the uniform term "discomfort", people arising at a part after errors in a diet, the excessive use of alcohol, smoking etc. Подробнее...

Till now there are many questions at issue on the clinical importance of dysbacterioses, in particular a dysbacteriosis of intestines. The majority of authors considers, that the term a dysbacteriosis of intestines is concept of the microbiological plan with what it is necessary to agree for it is meant as infringement of parities{ratio} of components of normal microflora of intestines. However taking into account the important role of normal microflora in ability to live of a human body (in particular, in formation иммунобиологической reactance, in a metabolism, in synthesis of the vitamins, necessary amino acids and a lot of biologically active connections), it is impossible to count changes of last интактными for an organism. In most cases the dysbacteriosis of intestines is an accompanying condition. Certainly, as well as at any process of change in an organism at any stage can proceed бессимптомно (латентно), on others - with the expressed clinical displays. Подробнее...

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